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  • Work in conjunction with studio to determine ticket allocations based on venue capacity and purpose of event.

  • Drafting of invitation copy

  • Working with graphic designer on invitation design and proofreading

  • Sending of allotments and invitations

  • Tracking RSVPs and reviewing with studio on a regular basis to ensure event is filled appropriately

  • Invitation follow up as necessary

  • Sending of guest confirmation details


Assistance in determining overall audience strategy for events.

Guest list research, cultivation and outreach including but not limited to:

  • Cast and crew “six degrees of separation”

  • Suggested studio “family” invites

  • Community outreach groups and partners

  • Additional non-title talent (traditional celebrities)

  • Tastemakers

  • Members of appropriate guilds and voter groups

  • Executive connections and outreach on their behalf when appropriate

  • Liaising with filler groups such as 1iota, Gofobo and the like as appropriate


  • Working with designer on ticket design and proofreading

  • Liaising with ticket printer on quality checks and ticket delivery

  • Providing variable data to printer for tickets (door, section, row, seat, etc)

  • Envelope labeling

  • Stuffing of tickets

  • Determining ticket pull strategy to ensure no-show seats are filled appropriately


Creation of seating chart and working with key partners to ensure seats are filled strategically.  Studio has final approval on seating chart.


Reports of attendees, no-shows, drop off etc to be provided after each event


Onsite event staffing including guest check-in, troubleshooting, theater ushers and reception staffing


In addition to the above services that can be provided for festival screenings, receptions, and parties we can work with the studio and protocol office to determine ticket allotments, additional needs and purchases, as well as negotiate the location of seats in festival venues.


  • Seating chart creation and review for allotted tickets

  • Ticket distribution - digital or physical depending on festival

  • Onsite staffing, troubleshooting and theater ushers for studio seats


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